Unfortunately, Due to Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty about the next few months, CIO has been cancelled for summer 2020. We are thinking and praying about what opportunities there might still be. If you are local to Cambridge or may be interested in hearing what, if anything, we are able to do, please email jenny.hunter@friendsinternational.


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We hope this site will help you to explore what Cambridge International Outreach is so that:

CIO is a hugely exciting chance to reach out to the thousands of English language students from all over the world who flood into Cambridge over the summer. The CIO teams are made up of about 30 people from all over the world and last for two weeks. Mornings we learn from the Bible and have training in cross-cultural evangelism. Afternoons/evenings we serve together, invite students to join our activities and international café - but it is really all about making friends and sharing Jesus, opening up the Bible with them, maybe for the first time.

why would God do that for me?
would God really forgive me?
you're from so many different countries, but you really love each other - and it's because of Jesus, right?
I could have never imagined what was waiting for me there, it was such a good opportunity for God to awaken me and show me who he really is and how I need him, and how all those students we met need him! Many things I knew and believed came to life during my stay there, and apart from that it was such a blessing to meet people from different cultures, who love Jesus so much, I learnt so much of many of them! I came back really excited about this and tried to tell everybody as best as I could about it.